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 Bienvenue chez Dream Sky Virtual Airlines

We are a virtual non-profit airline whose goal is to bring together friends and civil aviation enthusiasts using Flight Simulator, X-Plane and Prepar 3D simulators for online flights in a virtual environment on IVAO and VATSIM servers.


Dream Sky Airlines mission is to improve the quality of its pilots virtual simulation within the official servers, by improving their knowledge, providing competent and courteous services, in a pleasant environment, full of friends and colleagues who are always willing to help.


Flight simulation is getting closer to real situations, which will transform the virtual environment even more serious and busy in the coming years.


The quality of our pilots virtual simulation. The friendship, integration and fun of all employees within our company.


Pilotes 35
Avions dans la flotte 49
Lignes 337
Nombre total d'heures : 18928.43
Nombre total de vols 1460
Nombre total de vols réguliers 321
Nombre total de vols charters 1139
% de vols réguliers 21.99 %


CallsignPiloteDépartArrivéeDateTemps de vol
DSY1020Marcos Rodrigues  SAVC  SCCI 26-09-2020 1.45
DSY1205Rafael Costa  SBCG  SBCY 25-09-2020 0.81
DSY1203Mauro Silva  WARR  FMMI 25-09-2020 8.87
DSY1203Mauro Silva  YSSY  WARR 24-09-2020 6.49
DSY1096Daniel Schirmer  KSNA  1CA6 24-09-2020 0.74


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Piloto do Mês de Agosto
Callsign DSY1043
65 horas de voo
22 voos realizados
1.430 pontos

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